On the evening of July 14, 1936, in room 320 of the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland, 7 veterinarians gathered to organize the Portland Veterinary Medical Association.

In 1939, the first officials were elected and in 1959, the Constitution and Articles were accepted by the State of Oregon, hence the PVMA became a nonprofit association.

The founding veterinarians were:

(as best determined from the original ledger)

Dr. C.J. Milleson

Dr. J.H. Bailey

Dr. W.E. Ruggles

Dr. James B. Harrison

Dr. R.H. Kruetzer

Dr. Gus Huthman

Dr. Steele

First members:

Dr. Leaverton

Dr. Howes

Dr. Phillips

Dr. Ruehle

Dr. A.C. Ruggles

Dr. Phelps

The PVMA now has over 380 member veterinarians representing more than 155 veterinary hospitals in the Portland Metro Area.

Thank you to all of the doctors that have volunteered their time over the last 73 years to ensure that the Portland Veterinary Medical Association continues on!