The PVMA Executive Board of Directors consists of 7 members: three officers and four general directors. Executive Board Directors are elected by the general membership in way of written ballot. Director terms are three years in length with the president-elect serving one year with a one year term as President following. Regular elections are held in May and special election can be held as needed.

Thank you for the volunteer efforts of our executive board members, past, present and future!

PVMA Executive Board 2017-18

Atlantic Veterinary College
Class of 2002
Owner, Gladstone Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Tanya ten Broeke


Oregon State University CVM
Class of 2010
Medical Programs Sr. Specialist, Banfield Pet Hospital

Dr. Carla Lerum

President Elect

UC Davis
Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon
Owner, OREV Specialty Vet Care

Dr. Alon Kramer


Atlantic Veterinary College
Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon
Co-owner, Veterinary Cancer and Surgery Specialists

Dr. John Wooldridge

Continuing Education Chair

University of Illinois
Class of 2010
Associate, NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Laura Lambruschi

Lisa Mahlum

Board Certified Emergency and Critical Care Specialist
Associate, VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Lisa Mahlum

PR, Community Events, and Animal Welfare

Tufts University
Class of 2014
Associate, VCA North Portland Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Yamini Chalam

Publications, Marketing, and Governance

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PVMA Staff

Cristina Keef

Executive Director

I was raised in Junction City, Oregon, a small farming town just north of Eugene, south of Corvallis best known for the annual Scandinavian Festival. Like many of us who end up working with animals as adults, I ‘rescued’ any I could, easy to do when people would  drop them off regularly at our house in the country. My dad and I built more animal enclosures than I could count to house the dogs, cats, doves, rabbits, a pygmy goat, squirrels, hamsters, rats, 3 sheep raised for FFA!

When I was 14, I was required to do a half day job shadow and naturally chose our family veterinarian, a mixed animal solo practitioner who was nearing retirement. A week or two later, they called to offer me a job. By the time I was 16, I spent more time there than at school (but was still an excellent student!). When the practice was sold, things changed dramatically, going from a relatively quiet hobby practice to a 3+ doctor small animal/exotics/wildlife practice and boy was it fun! The reputations of our new owners from out of state proceeded them and we became a VERY busy practice and saw just about everything. I am very fortunate to have grown up in such a diverse practice and have very fond memories of the late nights and unique experiences. I regularly volunteered for Feral Cat Coalition mobile clinics and local wildlife rehab centers throughout high school as well.

After graduating from high school, I continued working full time while commuting to Oregon State University. About a year later, I moved to Portland not knowing anyone, one of the best decisions I ever made! After working at two small animal practices and attending Portland State, I took a year away from veterinary medicine to work at a lifestyle branding (marketing) agency owned by one of my pet sitting clients. It was a tremendous learning opportunity and a fun change of pace. Unfortunately, the company had some difficulties and as I was exploring my options, I received a call from Dr. Steve Kochis, the then outgoing PVMA president and friend, telling me about the PVMA Executive Director position being available. Shortly after, I interviewed with Dr. Matt Dahlquist and Dr. Sheri Morris and was hired in April 2006. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. My love of the PVMA and Portland veterinary community only continues to grow stronger. I am so very fortunate to be a part of it and hope to continue to be for many years to come!

I continue to volunteer for a number of local organizations, including assisting with the care and training of puppies that are part of the Coffee Creek Puppy Program. I enjoy taking care of my home, garden, 4 chickens, 2 cats and 1 dog as well as traveling, photography, crafts, kayaking, hiking and all the other lovely things the Northwest has to offer.


Coming soon!

Communication and Programs Coordinator