Sunday, April 22nd • Oregon Zoo• 7 hrs CE Credit

Wellness Activities

We will be integrating wellness activities into our annual symposium with the hope of bringing together veterinary professionals in our community to develop a common understanding about health and wellness issues within the profession, and provide an opportunity for attendees to focus on themselves and learn tools and techniques to implement in their daily lives. By taking better care of ourselves and supporting one another, we hope to improve the health and well-being of our community as a whole.

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Chair Massages

Chair massages will be available to attendees. Sign-up will be required to reserve your spot, so make sure to do so when you arrive for the event!

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Painting supplies, terracotta  and fiber pots, soil, seeds, and flowers will be provided for a little therapeutic gardening. Just in time for Spring!

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Self-care Craft Activity

Squishy stress balls

Stressed out? Squishy stress balls are an excellent way to get out some of that pent up aggression.This is really cool project and it has a really fantastic purpose when all is said and done; in today’s day and age, with most of us running around like crazy, cell phones glued to our heads, stress is a pretty common feeling.

Facilitated by Pet Loss Support Program Director and Amazing Art Therapist, Enid Traisman

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Coloring and Bullet Journaling

Coloring supplies galore! Coloring for adults has become quite popular in recent years and we too have found it to be a great way to de-stress and refocus. We encourage coloring during the presentations and have received frequent feedback that it helps attendees better listen and absorb the information.

Bullet Journaling lives at the intersection between mindfulness and productivity. A system that adapts to your life every single day. Bullet journals aren’t just for scheduling meetings and making plans. They’re handwritten lists, stress-induced doodles, and diary entries. These are the tools you can use to organize your life, as well as escape from it when the going gets rough and the only thing left for you to do is scribble out the feels. Consider a bullet journal as an open-ended outlet you can use whenever, wherever, and however you need to.

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Daybreak Yoga and Zoo Walk

A yoga session will be offered at 8am, prior to the formal start of the event. We encourage attendees dress comfortably and bring their  yoga mats! We will have about 20 available for use for those who don’t have one. More details to come!

A guided walk of the zoo grounds will be offered at 8am, prior to the formal start of the event. A great opportunity for attendes to stretch their legs and get some fresh air before the program. While some animals will be visible in their enclosure, this will not be a tour/behind the scenes opportunity, but a nice quiet time to be on the grounds! (Weather-permitting)