2020 Regional Wildfires- Response and Resources

2020 Regional Wildfires- Response and Resources

Regional Fire Response Update: The PVMA is on daily calls with MAC-G (Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization Animal Multi-Agency Coordination Group) and the group is working very well together to ensure Clackamas County Dog Services especially, has the support and resources needs to care for evacuated animals.

We are grateful to those who have opted to be available if volunteer vets are needed. At this time, large animal/equine vets are in highest demand but have been organized and many large animals are starting to be moved back home or to long-term temp housing. As people return to evacuated areas and animals are found, needs may arise and area veterinary hospitals may see an increase in sick and injured animals. Please make sure to contact county animal services for support with reunification efforts and utilize the system provided by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Please also not there are various programs and companies offering assistance to help these animals.

Similar to past emergencies, there are reports of people going into areas (often level one or outside of evac areas) and removing animals without direction or permission so keep this in mind if good Samaritans bring animals in as they may not properly note the area or address the animal was taken from, so the more information collected, the better.

Stray/ Lost-Found Animals

If you have had to evacuate due to the wildfire and have lost your pet, there are several resources available to help you find your animal.

  1. Check your local animal services website to file a missing pet report or look for pets who have been found.
  2. The Oregon Department of Agriculture also has a resource list of all the local animal services agencies in Oregon. They have also launched a new search tool to help you find your lost domestic animal or livestock.
  3. The Oregon Humane Society is accepting stray cats from Clackamas County. If you see your pet on this page, please call 503-285-7722 and press 0 to discuss next steps.

 If you have found a pet in one of the evacuation zones, please call your local animal services agency. A complete list can be found here.

If you have found a stray cat in Clackamas County, please call OHS Admissions at 503-285-7722 and press 0.