Committee and Taskforce Efforts

As the PVMA continues to grow, we would love to include more of our members in our projects, publications, and committees. We have many ways for member veterinarians (and VTA participants) to become more active in the PVMA, besides joining the executive board.

Continuing Education Committee

The CEC is responsible for developing high-quality, diverse, innovative, relevant and leading-edge continuing education programs.  Initial projects should include defining its scope of objectives and goals for diversity of educational programs.

Current Committee Members:

Dr. John Wooldridge, PVMA Executive Board Committee Chair

Dr. Kate Hooper

Dr. Emilio DeBess

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Workgroup

The EDPW is responsible for addressing the role of the PVMA and the local veterinary community in the event of an emergency and/or disaster, and developing guidelines for use in disaster situations.

Current Committee Members:

Dr. Lisa Mahlum, PVMA Executive Board Committee Chair
Dr. Sharon Grayzel
Dr. Allison Lamb
Tiah Schwartz, CVT
Dr. Ross Weinstein

Health and Wellbeing Committee

The HAWC will focus on programs and resources to help increase the health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals in our community.

Current Committee Members:

Dr. Tanya ten Broeke, PVMA Executive Board President- Committee Chair
Dr. Marissa Rothenbaum
Dr. Kristin Sulis

Veterinary Technician & Assistant Shortage/Retention Taskforce

The VTAT is responsible for addressing the growing concern for the shortage and retention of veterinary technicians and assistants.

In April 2016, the PVMA formed a taskforce to address the shortage of veterinary technicians and assistants in our community. This taskforce is made up of PVMA member veterinarians, Oregon Veterinary Technician an Assistant Association board members, and technicians from a variety of backgrounds.

In November 2016, we held a town hall to bring together technicians and assistants in the Portland area to discuss the love and passion for the profession, as well as the challenges that are faced. It was an incredible evening and we are so excited to move forward with some of the projects we have identified.

Events and opportunities to get involved!

We held a CE program about technician and assistant utilization on March 14, 2017 and  a ‘Wellness Summit for veterinary professionals,  April 30, 2017. Our 2018 CE Symposium will be focusing on communication, leadership, and wellness with integrated activities.

We are excited to make a positive impact on the lives of the passionate, generous, and dedicated individuals within this wonderful profession.