Allied Partnership Program

The Portland Veterinary Medical Association, established in 1936, is a non-profit professional membership organization that supports the dedicated veterinarians and veterinary professionals of the Portland metro community. We are a very active and unique organization supporting over 650 veterinarians and the over 300 members of the Oregon Veterinary Technician and Assistant Association (OVTAA). Our mission is “To inspire and elevate our local veterinary community through personal and professional connections and growth”.

Your partnership with the PVMA helps support our efforts to promote education, healthy business practices, collaboration, and community outreach for the benefit of veterinary professionals. We encourage growth and connection through education and personal and professional development programs. We strive to improve the health and well-being of veterinary professionals and in turn, the animals they care for.

Platinum Level Partners
Tristyn Gies

I am part of the Practice Solutions team focused on meeting the financial needs of veterinary practice owners. From practice acquisition and expansion to equipment financing and commercial mortgage loans, Practice Solutions offers a single, convenient source for financial services.

At Bank of America, we listen carefully to learn what your practice needs. Whether you want to start or grow your practice, the Practice Solutions team is with you every step of the way – delivering tailored solutions and striving for outstanding results. Contact me today for customized financial help for your short-term needs and long-term aspirations.

Catalyst Advisory Group

Mackenzie Martin
Financial Advisor

Mackenzie believes the foundation of every client relationship is based on the goals and values that are unique to each individual. Starting at the ground level and developing a sound strategy is integral to future success. Mackenzie offers a wide range of comprehensive services such as retirement preparation, college funding options, investment portfolio design*, life/disability/LTC insurance needs, and cash flow analysis. In addition to personal matters, she also enjoys the unique challenges associated with small business ownership. Business strategies include succession programs, risk management and employee benefit packages.

Gold Level Partners
Jeff Clark
Dr. Amelie Hatfield
Joe Carlisle
Craig Coughlin
Jim Vander Mey, Rod Johnston
Brad Brandeau
Nikki Nitz, CPA, CMA
Anthony Davalos
Silver Level Partners
Gwendolyn Lynch CPA
Dr. Kathi Berman
Dr. Emily Kalenius
Julie Baird
David Markham
Keri Weppler

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