Access to PVMA Programs

CE Opportunities

While a majority of attendees at existing PVMA meetings and lectures are indeed veterinarians, we absolutely welcome veterinary technicians and other team members to attend! We will be working with the OVTAA to add in additional programming focused on the needs of team members over the coming year.

No cost to attend PVMA facilitated CE lectures and meetings, unless otherwise specified- 40+ CE credits available annually (there is a $10/lecture attendance fee for veterinary team members not part of the OVTAA/PVMA).

PVMA Monthly Newsletter

A digital issue of the newsletter will be emailed each month.

Access to the PVMA Affinity Program

A participant/membership card will be provided for use for many of our partner benefits

Inclusion on the PVMA Email & Mailing Lists

This provides access to the local offered CE lectures, event notices, news, and the monthly member newsletter. We feel this is a great way to keep our critical veterinary team members involved in what is happening at a larger level in the Portland veterinary community.

Community Events Calendar

The PVMA is proud to offer more than 40+ CE credits each year. In an effort to accommodate different schedules, we offer several different formats detailed below. We are constantly working to diversify our offerings and improve our program.

We also offer monthly Wellness Days to PVMA and OVTAA members.

Please visit our website calendar to see all of our CE offerings and events, as well as those of other local and national organizations.

Tracking of PVMA CE Credits Throughout the Year

PVMA will compile continuing education credits earned throughout the year and offer a cumulative certificate at the end of the year.

Looking for more benefits? See our complete list.