Personal and Professional Development Program

Power of 10 Class of 2018

Dr. Sonja Lapinski, Facilitator
Oregon State University CVM, 2013

When the opportunity to fly to Indianapolis to learn more about the Power of 10 presented itself, I followed my gut and went for it, despite really not understanding exactly what “P10” was. As we sat through our 1.5 days of lecture / discussion about P10, Cristina and I quickly began to see the potential for a program like Power of 10 to make a difference in the PVMA community – both in the short and long term. We started spending all our breaks in the hallway chatting excitedly about how we could bring these ideas back with us and put them into action in Portland. Although I will miss our PVMA board meetings, I am so excited to be able to focus in on this particular issue of early-career veterinarian professional and personal development, which I have seen come up again and again as an area of need in our community through my work on the board and beyond. It is an honor to participate in and help develop this program in its first year and begin to establish the future leaders of our community. I can’t wait to partner with our first cohort and begin our work together.

Dr. Ben Carter
The Ohio State University, 2016

Dr. Nicole Froelich
Washington State Universtiy CVM, 2014

Dr. Ariel Grubb
Washington State University CVM, 2013

Dr. Kate Hooper
Oregon State University CVM, 2012

Dr. Connie Lo
UC Davis CVM, 2014

Dr. Jessica Nelson
Oregon State University CVM, 2012

Dr. Marissa Rothenbaum
UC Davis CVM, 2011

Dr. Margaret Wixson
UC Davis CVM, 2014

Dr. Carl Winch
Glasgow University 2008