Personal and Professional Development Program

Power of 10 2.0


Over the past three years, the PVMA Power of 10 program has created a place for early career veterinarians to connect, learn, and develop bother personally and professionally. The foundation of the program has been a 2-night retreat and the magic created by outings and activities. Because of Covid, we have decided not to start a new class but are instead hosting a P10 2.0 with participants for the previous classes. We are excited to solidify an alumni program while supporting continued growth of the participants. We look forward to starting a new class next year!

Dr. Cindy Galbreath
Program Facilitator

Dr. Ragan  Borzcik, OSU 2011

Dr. Ariel Grubb, Washington State University 2013

Dr. Sonja Lapinski, OSU 2013

Dr. Brittany Lauman, Oregon State University 2016

Dr. Danielle Marca, Oregon State University 2016

Dr. Alex Moore, UC Davis 2011

Dr. Lily Ngai, Colorado State University 2016

Dr. Marissa Rothenbaum, UC Davis 2011

Dr. Emily Toleno, Oregon State University 2016

Dr. Sarah Wilkinson, Oklahoma State University 2013

Dr. Carl Winch, Glasgow University 2008