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As part of our effort to advocate for both our member veterinarians and the welfare of animals, the AVMA is an active partner in the non-profit Partners for Healthy Pets initiative. Led by AVMA and AAHA alongside the AVMF, this alliance brings together dozens of veterinary associations and animal health companies to ensure that pets receive the preventive health care they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian.

The goals of Partners for Healthy Pets are to:

  • Address the increasing prevalence of serious diseases and the declining health of our nation’s pets.
  • Enhance pet owners’ perceived value of preventive veterinary care.
  • Ensure that regular veterinary visits become the norm.
  • Increase public understanding of the veterinarian’s central role in the health and happiness of pets.
  • Make increasing preventive health care for cats a priority.

What does Partners for Healthy Pets do for veterinarians?

Partners for Healthy Pets has developed tools that are available free of charge on its website to AVMA and AAHA members. The tools help veterinarians run more successful practices, focusing on several key areas, such as client communication; using internet marketing and social media to market a practice; creating and implementing preventive health care plans for clients; and creating a feline-friendly practice.

Veterinary practices, animal shelters and rescue organizations may face their own unique challenges, but they have one thing in common:  the desire to see positive outcomes in the treatment and welfare of animals.

For years, shelters and veterinarians have often operated independently with very little collaboration.  Now, CATalyst Connection is helping to bridge that gap and develop a sense of community for the betterment of animals.

If you’re interested in developing a strong shelter-veterinary relationship in your community, check out our Catalyst Connection: Forever Homes Forever Health toolkit!  It contains materials that were created to assist and guide you as you begin a connection or grow the one you already have.

The full toolkit is available in a scrolling electronic format to download here.

You can also download the individual toolkit components below.  If you would like to order a larger or customized quantity of any of the resources, please email us.  ​