2021 PVMA Board Elections: Call for Candidates- Application

2021 PVMA Board Elections: Call for Candidates- Application

In preparation for PVMA Board elections to be held in May, please find an application linked below, to be considered for inclusion on the ballot.

We have TWO Director position that will become available.

Current PVMA member veterinarians are eligible to apply and we welcome those with or without experience serving on a non-profit board. Because of the small size of our board, it is imperative that board members are engaged, enthusiastic, and communicative. We accomplish a lot and have fun doing so! We continued to develop new programs and expand member benefits, continuously working on ways to support and represent our diverse community.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the PVMA Board of Directors, please review and complete the application and return it by Thursday, March 25th along with a brief bio that can be share with members during the election process, and photo of yourself. We are hopeful this application will provide more clarity about what the commitment entails as we move forward with creating more structure for our organization.

If you have any questions about becoming a Board Director, please let me or any of our current Board Directors and Officers know.

Cristina Keef
Executive Director
p: (503) 228-7387

Board Candidate Application


Current PVMA Board of Directors