New General Membership Sponsorship Protocol and booking Process

New General Membership Sponsorship Protocol and booking Process

The PVMA offers to its members a large and varied selection of continuing education lectures, symposia, and labs throughout the year. As our membership grows, we have been able to increase and improve this primary membership benefit, and the Continuing Education Committee and the Executive Board are committed to making these offerings the highest quality that we can. We take member surveys and comments very seriously as we plan meetings and topics each year.

In keeping with this goal, we have recently implemented several new policies that are intended to improve our protocols for speakers and for sponsors. Our hope is that this will provide transparency in the selection process of speakers and sponsors, as well as make the quality of our offerings even better.

An important change will be an open period, in which all sponsors for the following year (school/program year) of general membership meetings, will be able to apply at the same time. The PVMA CE Committee and Executive Board  will review and approve/deny these sponsors and speakers/topics. This will allow an equitable division of available dates over our monthly meetings. The policy is also now very clear to allow sponsorship to any interested party approved by the Executive Board including privately owned hospitals, non-profits, corporations, related small businesses and individuals. A company/business/organization may only sponsor one meeting per 12 months. Each meeting may only be sponsored by one company/business/organization unless co-sponsorship is approved in advance by the PVMA, and the topics presented at our monthly meetings will be scientific.

Speakers will now be required to submit a topic at the time of application, and then a brief summary for approval by the Committee two weeks prior to the date of the lecture, as well as complete meeting notes 5 days prior to the actual meeting.  This is more in line with most CE speaker requirements, and is again intended to continue ti improve the quality and breadth of our members’ continuing education.  This process is very similar to what has been implemented for our fall lecture series, when the invitation is extended to area specialists each summer.


Privately owned hospitals, non-profits, corporations, related small businesses, and individuals are welcome to submit a proposal for sponsorship.

  • March 14th-31st: Proposals may be submitted
  • April 1st -30th: The PVMA CE Committee and Executive Board will review and approve/deny proposal applications
  • May 1st-May 15th: Applicants will be contacted to confirm dates and details.



Please email Cristina with any questions you may have: