PVMA Board of Directors Endorse WakeUpVetMed Initiative

PVMA Board of Directors Endorse WakeUpVetMed Initiative


Diversity is one of the most critical challenges facing veterinary medicine today. Beyond the indisputable fact that our profession is one of the least racially and ethnically diverse in the nation, it can no longer be ignored that the future relevance of our field hinges upon the growth and development of a workforce that more closely resembles the American population at large.

The veterinary community has discussed and explored the issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion enough. The time for talk is over. The time for decisive, committed action is now.

Want to help? You can. Right now.

This work will not be easy. But we, as members of the vet med community, are no strangers to very hard work and overwhelming sacrifice. If you are committed to seeing this issue addressed, we welcome you and hope you’ll lend us your support by reviewing our recommendations to the AVMA as well as signing our petition below.