PVMA Scholarships: An opportunity to contribute!

PVMA Scholarships: An opportunity to contribute!

Nearly 20 years ago, a scholarship endowment was set-up at the Oregon State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine to help support 3rd year students from the Portland Metro Area.

Last year, we were able to contribute $15k to ensure the endowment continues to be sustainable, and we updated the award description to be more inclusive and accessible to more students.

We now have the opportunity to provide two ways for our members to help either grow the endowment or contribute directly for us to be able to provide a larger award each year.

Currently, the endowment is able to provide a single $1k scholarship each year, however, as we all know this is a very small amount compared to the cost of veterinary school and we would love to offer a larger amount each year, or eventually multiple scholarships.


Two ways to give:

  • Visit OSU Foundation – Giving to OSU – In the box that says, “Don’t see the area you’d like to support?” Fill in one of the following:
    • Directly to our annual PVMA Scholarship – 4110-760390 (if you want it to be made available immediately for a scholarship)
    • PVMA Scholarship Endowment – 6220-760390 (if you want it to go into the endowment for long-term growth and giving)
  • Contact Anna Justice, Director of Development: 541-207-7319, anna.Justice@osufoundation.org


Contribute Today! 

  Please contact the PVMA office at 503-228-7387 or pvma@portlandvma.org
for additional information and questions


Scholarship Eligibility: 

1) Recipient is a full-time student at CCVM
2) Recipient is from the Portland metro area/or desires to work there following graduation
3) Recipient is historically underrepresented within the veterinary medicine profession, such as students from low-income families with demonstrated financial need and students who are the first in their families to attend college.
**In addition to our OSU CCVM endowment, we provide two $1k scholarships to 2nd year PCC Veterinary Technology Program students each Spring and we are exploring setting up a scholarship for area high school students.

2021 PVMA OSU CCVM Scholarship Recipient:

Esteban Howard Pacheco – Class of 2022

Hometown: Portland
Undergraduate degree: Oregon State University
Why I chose veterinary medicine: I chose veterinary medicine because of my love for my cat Guenhwyvar and penguins.
My career plans: I plan to have a clinic in Portland, as well as perform penguin research and practice penguin medicine.
Fun fact: I traveled to Antarctica during undergrad and got to fulfill a lifelong dream of hanging out with penguins and researching them.
Words of appreciation: I am honored to receive this award and look forward to contributing to the health and welfare of the animals in the great Portland area. Thank you so much!