In May 2021, the PVMA was approached by Stephanie Whitchurch, the owner of Discover Balance Wellness Center in Vancouver, WA about ways in which she could support the veterinary community. Stephanie had become aware of the mental health challenges and high rate of suicide that exists in the veterinary profession and offered her professional services and facility to provide wellness care to our members, one Sunday a month.
With great gratitude, the PVMA worked with Stephanie to support this program and connect our community to these wellness day offerings. These events are an opportunity for metro area veterinary professionals to receive complimentary wellness services and enjoy a well-deserved day of self-care with colleagues.

A variety of services are available (vary for each date), including acupuncture, mineral bath, float,  sauna, reiki, massage, yoga, and more. PVMA Wellness Days are ongoing and hosted one Sunday a month in Vancouver, WA. We currently have dates determined through June 2023!

We welcome additional support of this program. If you are a wellness service provided and would like to get involved, please contact the PVMA office at 503- 228-7387.



30 minutes. Points selected to treat grief, anxiety, irritability, stress & help grounding and  bring a sense of peace.


30 minutes. Jessica has spent many years in the veterinary community as a CVT and now generously provides massage on this special day as a massage therapy student


30 minutes with Dallas. Connecting with your energy field this therapy is relaxing, grounding and more.

Mineral Bath

60 minutes in our soaking tub room. Dead Sea Minerals elevate this relaxing soak. Essential oils also available.


60 minutes in our Sauna room. Sauna fits two if you want to share. Heat, color, and halo-therapy available!


You will have 60 minutes in the float suite, 30 minutes to float. Great way to relax the mind and body, let go of stress tension and pain. Allow your body to repair and renew  in this comfortable environment.

Yoga Nidra

60 minutes. This is a gentle lying down Yoga that helps calm the nervous system and bring about a sense of well being


Driifloat and Cupping

Art Therapy

A variety of arts and crafts materials are provided for participants to enjoy before and in between services.

How to schedule

Please call or text Discover Balance directly at: 360-988-1346

If texting, please include the 2 services you are most interested in and your name, to start.

If you have any questions for the PVMA specifically, you are welcome to call or text: 503-228-7387

In order to be as fair and equitable as possible, the following guidelines MUST be followed:

  • Masks are required when in common areas, as the mask mandate still applies to healthcare facilities.
  • Scheduling will be available on a first- come, first- serve basis. With consideration, ensuring those who have not yet participated to have an opportunity.
  • An individual may participate in TWO services per event date, unless space allows for additional services to be booked.
  • There is a STRICT zero-tolerance no-show policy. Any inability to participate in a scheduled session must be communicated to with 24-hour notice wherever possible. Any individual who misses a scheduled session will be prohibited from scheduling future appointments. Due to the overwhelming generosity of Discover Balance and our desire to represent the veterinary community well, this is PVMA policy.
  • Services are provided at NO COST. Gratuity for service providers is accepted and encouraged if you are able, however any money collected will be used to to help grow the program, cover some overhead at Discover Balance, and help individuals with specifics needs.

Discover Balance is located at:

13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd C4
Vancouver, WA 98684


Support provided by: