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Veterinary Ventures 2009

Veterinary Ventures 2009

Dr Joi Sutton with local school children outside the makeshift hospital (two elementary classrooms)

A family waves goodbye to 2 of the pets we picked up for spaying. We returned them the following day.

With limited cages, pets shared kennels in the hospital. Luckily Peruvian dogs are particularly good natured animals

The pink and hairless female in the front became our clinic mascott during the trip. She was a street dog from the market with a severe flea allergy. She now goes by the name Princessa and lives in Iquitos and boasts a fabulous shiny full coat!

This little demodex pet hit the lottery. She now lives in Virginia with a veterinary technician, has fur and a wardrobe for the cold Virginia weather, and has her very own page on Facebook!

Little buddy went to the vet to get tutored.

Margo Karriker (pharmacist at UC Davis), Dr Jen Brown, technician Dawn Luyo, and Dr Joi Sutton see the sights of Iquitos before the trip to Requena.

Dr Becky Felknor, Dr Joi Sutton, Dr Jen Brown, technician Harry , assistant Harry Mozombite Paz, Gabe Reed (back row), Dr Miguel Sebastian Salas . Dr Esther Pena, technician Claire Summers go on a jungle cruise!