The PVMA Executive Board of Directors consists of 7 members: three officers and four general directors. Executive Board Directors are elected by the general membership by way of written ballot. Director terms are three years in length, with the president-elect serving one year and a one year term as President following. Regular elections are held in May and special election can be held as needed.

Thank you for the volunteer efforts of our executive board members: past, present and future!

PVMA Executive Board 2018-19

Oregon State University CVM
Class of 2010
Medical Programs Sr. Specialist, Banfield Pet Hospital

Dr. Carla Lerum


UC Davis
Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon
Owner, OREV Specialty Vet Care

Dr. Alon Kramer


Atlantic Veterinary College
Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon
Co-owner, Veterinary Cancer and Surgery Specialists

Dr. John Wooldridge

Continuing Education Chair

University of Illinois
Class of 2010
Associate, NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Laura Lambruschi

Lisa Mahlum

Board Certified Emergency and Critical Care Specialist
Associate, VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Lisa Mahlum

PR, Community Events, and Animal Welfare

Tufts University
Class of 2014
Associate, VCA North Portland Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Yamini Chalam

Publications, Marketing, and Governance

Atlantic Veterinary College
Class of 2002
Owner, Gladstone Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Tanya ten Broeke

Past-President, Board Member

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Executive Director