Personal and Professional Development Program

2023-24 Program Facilitators

Each class is facilitated by alumni of previous PVMA P10 classes. This structure provides an opportunity for continued growth and learning while investing in the participants’ journeys, improving the program, and building a stronger community in the process. We are thrilled to have THREE phenomenal individuals to help support this next class!

Dr. Brianna Blanchard, facilitator
Ross University 2019

I’m a 2019 graduate from Ross University. As a native Oregonian who hates the rain, I try to escape to sunnier places as much as I can. I love cats, ice cream, Christmas and my husband, who is also a veterinarian.

Power of Ten helped me through a particularly hard season of my career and provided me with the support I needed to make a change. Getting to know my peers helped me know I was not alone in feeling like I was on the fast track to burn out. Getting to know more senior members of the community helped me feel hopeful for a sustainable career.

Power of 10 builds up the areas of professional development that are so often neglected-self awareness, mentorship, communication, wellness, inclusion and diversity. I’m looking forward to welcoming the new class and continuing to build relationships in the Portland veterinary community.

Dr. Samantha Loughfacilitator
OSU Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine 2021

Veterinary medicine is a fascinating, yet challenging field. I’ve known that I have wanted to enter this field since I was a little girl. Granted, the journey was difficult, much more than I could have anticipated – especially when you throw a global pandemic into the mix.

It can be easy to feel isolated as a newer practicing DVM – PVMA’s Power of 10 program has not only connected me with a wonderful support group of my peers but has also exposed me to a variety of resources to continue my journey as a young veterinarian. I’ve learned how much this community has to offer and it’s allowed me to have a new perspective on this field. I look forward to welcoming this new class, providing my insight, and growing with you.

Dr. Emily Fitchfacilitator
OSU Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine 2020

As a 2020 graduate, my transition from vet school into clinical practice was anything but smooth. Along with the unique challenges of the pandemic, I experienced what many new grads face each year. The sense of community that I had found while learning alongside my classmates was quickly replaced by feelings of inadequacy among more experienced doctors. While I PRACTICED practicing medicine over the first couple years (and man was it a steep learning curve!), I also had to learn how to balance my other priorities in life. For me, that eventually involved negotiating a consistent work schedule that doesn’t leave me feeling drained or resentful. Creating and maintaining a sustainable career was one of the common goals among every recent graduate in my PVMA Power of 10 group.

Mentorship is crucial in our profession, and so is camaraderie. Power of 10 promotes both! I really enjoyed spending time with a group of both new and familiar faces while dedicating time to the aspects of our lives/careers that can be easily overlooked. This program has helped to restore my sense of community in this profession, and I am excited for the opportunity to be involved again this year!

Class of 2024

Dr. Vanessa Gross
Oregon Humane Society
2021 Cornell University

Dr. Harmon Hood
Brooklyn Yard Veterinary Hospital
2019 Auburn University

Dr. Brooke Miller
Salmon Creek Veterinary Clinic
2022 Colorado State University

Dr. Marisa Young
Banfield, Pet Hospital
2022 Oregon State University