Personal and Professional Development Program

Power of 10 Class of 2023

Dr. Julie CorbettFacilitator

While I’m relatively new to holding a DVM degree, I’ve been working in various assistant and managerial roles in veterinary medicine since 2005. I graduated from Oregon State in 2019 and then spent part of my ER internship year and first years out in the middle of the new COVID era of practicing. Over the past 17 years, I’ve seen a variety of challenges and successes in vet med, but the recent pandemic challenges have been the toughest to navigate. There were already some deep chasms in our field that widened during the pandemic. I’ve watched as some colleagues and friends have gotten lost or struggled to see the other side. Even just a few years from my DVM, I’ve wondered if this is still the field for me.

With P10, I found a source of camaraderie (even when socially distanced), a source of invaluable information on best practices, risk management, financial skills, mental health tools for both practitioners and clients, diversity and inclusion training, forensics training, and many soft skills. Medicine, as teamwork-oriented as it is, can feel incredibly isolating. Practicing during the pandemic has been tough on everyone, but especially new doctors. P10 has shown me new ways to embody resilience and create new ways to advocate for myself, our patients, and our field without falling into those chasms.

Dr. Christine Barton, Facilitator

As a recent graduate and an east coast transplant in the midst of a pandemic, I felt I was lacking the connection and opportunities to connect with my fellow colleagues. The PVMA Power of 10 was a great platform to explore, shape, and build my  professional skill sets. It opened the door to many relationships and resources that the Portland veterinary community has to offer. I am very excited to welcome the incoming class. I look forward to sharing my experience and growing on the journey with them.

Class of 2022

  • Dr. Kendal Besecker, The Ohio State University 2022
    Bridgetown Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Referral
  • Dr. Brianna Blanchard, Ross University 2019
    Relief Services
  • Dr. Emily Fitch, Oregon State University 2020
    Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Dr. Samantha Lough, Oregon State University 2021
    Bethany Family Pet Clinic
  • Dr. Hilary Thompson, Michigan State University 2022
    Mt Tabor Veterinary Care
  • Dr. Catie Brown, Oregon State University 2021
    Mountainside Veterinary Hospital
  • Dr. Evan Klein, Oregon State University 2020
    Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic