Member Affinity Program

The PVMA affinity program offers our member veterinarians and veterinary team affiliate program participants a variety of discounts and access for services and products that promote personal and professional well-being, and are just fun! We look forward to continuing to expand the program offerings. Membership cards are required for use of employees store passes and Migration Brewing discount.


Bicycle rental: Waived Sign-up Fee, Promo Codes, & Discounted Membership

In-Home Personal Training: Free 1hr assessment, discounts on session packages


Discount on Pet Supplies

Financial Planning Services

Disability Insurance
Discounts range from 10%-40% or more off of normal rates
Savings are permanent once coverage is issued
Available on a simplified issue basis for most members (no bloodwork or financials required)


CorpCare Employee Assistance Program


Employee Store Pass


Discount on Pet Supplies


Employee Store Pass