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Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries COVID-19 Resources Website


Standard Operating Procedure-  Guidelines for Veterinary Hospital Settings

The PVMA Board of Directors has created an SOP with recommendations to prevent veterinary professionals from contracting COVID-19, reduce transmission among employees, maintain a healthy work environment, and maintain healthy business operations.

**Please note: The information has been gathered and compiled from the CDC, OSHA, Oregon Health Authority, and AVMA. It is intended to provide general guidance to veterinary hospitals, however, any part is subject to change at any time. The CDC published updated guidelines April 8th for “critical infrastructure workers” that we do not interpret to be applicable to small animal veterinary practice.**


Headspace- Weathering the Storm
Yale- The Science of Well-being Course

CORONAVIRUS vs. COLD vs. FLU vs. ALLERGIES – Kansas State Department of Health

AVMA Wellbeing Resources
Covid-19 and Wellbeing
Wellbeing in a time of COVD – AVMA My Veterinary Life Podcast
General Wellbeing Resources

Pandemic self-care for veterinary teams – AAHA NewStat
Coronavirus anxiety overwhelmed this doctor. A deep breath helped – Washington Post
Mental Health and Coping during COVID – CDC
Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Outbreak – Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Happiness Lab – Covid-related podcasts with Dr. Laurie Santos

Telemedicine tools and platforms
(While some are offering discounts, many are overwhelmed with requests and may not be able to take on new clients right now)

While there are many tools and programs to help, telemedicine is as simple and phone and video calls, email, texting, photos, videos, etc. Please make sure to document records as well as if the client/patient were in your practice.

Many have found success using  google voice, microsoft teams, and google hangouts for both team and client communications.

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