Continuing Education

The PVMA is proud to offer more than 40+ CE credits each year. In an effort to accommodate different schedules we offer several different formats detailed below. We are constantly working to diversify our offerings and improve our program.

Please visit our website calendar to see all of our CE offerings and events as well as those of other local and national organizations.

PVMA Webinars: Recordings can be accessed in our file library. Must be logged into your PVMA/OVTAA member account.

Visit the file library here.

PVMA General Membership Meeting and Lecture
September through May, Monthly General Membership Meetings are held at the second Thursday of most months. These meetings are generally sponsored by veterinary pharmaceutical, supply, and diet companies, allowing the opportunity to bring national speakers to Portland. These meetings offer a brief overview of PVMA business, continuing education credits, as well as an opportunity to meet and visit with colleagues. These meetings are free to PVMA Members.

PVMA CE Lectures- Local Specialists Series
September through May, PVMA CE Lectures are hosted by the PVMA, with Portland area specialists providing the lectures. This is a great opportunity to get to know the fantastic specialists you often refer to. These lectures are a more casual opportunity to earn CE credits and meet and visit with colleagues. The lectures are free to PVMA and OVTAA Members.

Practice Owner Education Series
New Quarterly offering that began Spring 2022

Throughout the year, we incorporate hands-on workshop to provide more in-depth learning opportunities to our members.

Special Events
Throughout the year, opportunities arise for the PVMA to facilitate or partner with others to offer a variety of learning opportunities.

Power of 10 Program: Personal and Professional Development for Early Career Veterinarians
The Power of Ten Program offers a small group of early‐career veterinarians the opportunity to complete a personal and professional development program comprised of in‐person educational opportunities and activities over a 12‐month period. The PVMA will provide topic experts, meals, and meeting expenses at no charge to the participant. Modules will be held at locations around the Portland Metro Area with the exception of attendance at the AVMA’s Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago. There will be in-person modules (4‐6 hours each), along with an overnight kick‐off retreat, several less formal social gatherings, and a workshop with other PVMA members. Meeting times will range from days to evenings, weekdays to weekends, and the format will vary by module.
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, the OVTAA hosts webinars, townhalls, and Recover CRP certification trainings that are availably to OVTAA and PVMA members.

For Oregon Licensees: when veterinarians renew for their 2023 licenses, in December 2022, they WILL need to report CE. CVTs will need NOT need to report 15 Credits of CE until December 2023.

Oregon Veterinary Practice Act: Continuing Education Requirements (CE)


(1) All active licensees, including veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians, must comply with the CE provided in this rule in order to renew their licenses.

(2) Licensees wishing to renew their license must complete the minimum required number of CE hours every two years. Veterinarians shall report 30 hours of CE to the Board with license renewals for every odd-numbered year. Certified veterinary technicians shall report 15 hours of CE to the Board for every even-numbered year. The required hours may be obtained online and be satisfied with any combination of the following continuing education activities:

(a) Attendance at scientific workshops or seminars approved by the Board or by the American Association of Veterinary Boards Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE).

(b) A maximum of four hours for veterinarians or two hours for certified veterinary technicians reading approved scientific journals. One subscription to an approved journal is equal to one hour of credit.

(c) A maximum of six hours for veterinarians or three hours for certified veterinary technicians of workshops or seminars on non-scientific subjects relating to the practice of veterinary medicine such as communication skills, practice management, stress management, or chemical impairment.

(d) A minimum for veterinarians of one hour each in judicious antibiotic use and appropriate analgesic and anesthetic methods.

Full Oregon Veterinary Practice Act CE requirements