2019 PVMA Award Recipients

2019 PVMA Award Recipients

The PVMA is honored to recognize three individuals that have gone above and beyond to give back to the veterinary profession. Thank you so much to Dolores Galindo, Enid Traisman, and Dr. Paul Scherlie for everything you each have done to encourage and support our profession and community!


Veterinary Team Member of the Year

Dolores Galindo CVT

Nominated by: Tiah Schwartz on behalf of the OVTAA

“Dolores was a founding member of the OVTAA in 2005 and has served on the Board of Directors in various positions since then.  Dolores has been instrumental in keeping this organization going year after year. Without her unwavering support and dedication, this organization would not be here today. Dolores has been the face of the OVTAA for the past decade. Never wavering, always positive.

Dolores graduated from Portland Community College in 1990, went on to work in private practice, and shortly thereafter became the lead technician for the PCC Veterinary Technology Program. Serving from 2003 to 2011, Dolores was the first Certified Veterinary Technician to hold a position on the Oregon Veterinary Medical Exam Board. After dedicating over 20 years to teaching and mentoring new CVT’s, Dolores retired from the program. She is currently working in her new role as Practice Manager at Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital and is serving on the OVTAA board of directors as a Member-at-Large.

Dolores has been an inspiration to myself and countless other technicians in the Portland veterinary community. She has had a profound impact on many lives both human and animal. She once told me that she decided long ago that she was not just going to be a vet tech, she was going to be the BEST vet tech she could possibly be.  Job well done Dolores.”

– Tiah Schwartz, CVT


Outstanding Service Award

Enid Traisman, DoveLewis

Nominated by: Dr. Shana O’Marra, DoveLewis

“I have nominated Enid Traisman for the outstanding service award to recognize her contributions to the Portland veterinary community.  I have been lucky during my short time here in Portland to work with Enid and see the incredible generosity that she brings to our hospital and the pet community at large.  Anyone who struggles knows that Enid will be there to help and support them. 

Thirty-three years ago, Enid developed the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program.  It was the one of the first programs in the country to recognize the depth of the grieving process when we lose our pets.  By recognizing and honoring the grief that accompanies the loss of a pet, Enid changed the conversation around pet loss in a meaningful way, even for those pet owners and professionals who didn’t benefit directly by attending a group.  Enid will soon be retiring after a long and fruitful career. Her care has touched thousands of lives, and should be celebrated.”

– Dr. Shana O’Marra


Veterinarian of the Year

Dr. Paul Scherlie, VCA NW Veterinary Specialists

Nominated by: Dr. Robert Mack, VCA NW Veterinary Specialists

“Dr. Paul Scherlie is one of the founders of Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Clackamas, Oregon and has served as NWVS’ head ophthalmologist for the past 22 years. Despite a continuously heavy caseload, Dr. Scherlie always makes it a priority to teach ophthalmology to our staff veterinarians and technicians, our internship class, and to the dozens of externs that rotate through our hospital on a yearly basis. Many of these former doctors and externs are now in practice in the Portland metro area and are implementing and utilizing the principles and knowledge they learned from Dr. Scherlie. Over his career, Dr. Scherlie has answered thousands of phone calls from area veterinarians who have sought his advice or assistance concerning a patient with an ophthalmologic issue. In addition, Dr. Scherlie has given dozens of continuing education lectures to local veterinarians and technicians on ophthalmology topics, further enhancing their ability to effectively treat animals with ophthalmologic disease.

Dr. Scherlie’s contributions to the veterinary profession expand well beyond his work with Northwest Veterinary Specialists. He works routinely with Guide Dogs for the Blind and is a fixture at local and national dog shows where he screens dogs for congenital ophthalmologic defects. He does not limit his practice to dogs and cars, but also works with the veterinary staff at the Oregon Zoo offering advice and performing surgical procedures on Zoo animals and routinely works with local equine veterinarians to examine and treat horse. Almost all of these services are performed on his own time. 

Perhaps Dr. Scherlie’s greatest achievement has been his role in the training of current and future veterinarian ophthalmologists. Dr. Scherlie frequently accepts ophthalmology interns to work under his personal guidance and tutelage. Four of his previous ophthalmology interns were accepted into ophthalmology residency programs and two are now board certified and in practice, two are completing their residencies. This year, Dr. Scherlie is training his 5th ophthalmology intern.

Despite over 30 years of being a veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Scherlie to love his work and strives to continuously offer the best medical advice and treatment for his clients and patients. Without a doubt, he has been a positive influence to almost every veterinarian who has practiced in the Portland area or throughout the state of Oregon.”

– Dr. Robert Mack