PVMA Offers Association Healthcare Plan

PVMA Offers Association Healthcare Plan

The PVMA has been exploring the opportunity to offer an association healthcare plan, known as a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA), to the Portland veterinary community. We have developed a relationship with an insurance group and we are moving forward with the process.

We are grateful to the 161 people who completed the healthcare survey we sent out in June. It was very helpful in guiding our conversation and helping develop the plan. While we are making every effort to build a plan that provides benefits well-suited to our community members with reasonable premiums and deductibles, the ability to offer a plan is fully dependent on our member’s participation.

The PVMA board is working hard to make this program a success, but it is possible we may not have enough people commit, to be able to move forward.

Please find the timeline below for members and their staff, to help ensure all those interested are aware of what is needed for this plan to be successful.

  • August 13: We held an informational meeting for our members with Kaw Valley Insurance at the PVMA office. This provided an opportunity for practice owners, medical directors, managers, relief veterinarians and any other interested individuals to learn more.
  • September 2- 16: This 14 day period is the time allotted for all PVMA members and their team members who may be interested in the plan, to complete a required medical questionnaire.
  • October 11-15: The results of this questionnaire will have been compiled and allow for determination of the premiums for our plan and we will then communicate them to our members at this time.
  • November 1-15: This will be our Open Enrollment Period. To be able to offer the health plan we have to have a minimum of 100 individual PVMA members, OVTAA members,  and their team members sign up, either individually or as part of a hospital team (family members will not count towards this number).
  • December 15: If all requirements are met including minimum numbers of participating PVMA members, then on this date medical cards will be in hand, the first invoices emailed, and we will be all set for January 1st effective date

Questions may be directed to Kaw Valley Insurance – 785.584.6043
Toby McCullough – toby@kawvalleyins.com
Randy Dick – randy@kawvalleyins.com
Karen Dick – karen@kawvalleyins.com
Derek Dick – derek@kawvalleyins.com
Melissa Horgan – melissa@kawvalleyins.com

For additional information: www.portlandvma.org/pvma-association-healthcare-plan