About the Program

The OVTAA VITAL Program offers veterinary practice managers the opportunity to complete a personal and professional development program comprised of in-person educational opportunities and activities over a 6-month period.

The VITAL Program offers veterinary practice managers the opportunity to participate in a six month program with monthly in-person educational sessions to help hone their practice management skills and advance in their personal growth as a leader and individual. The program consists of monthly meetings (~5 hours each) and includes content experts, meals, and lifelong connections at no charge to the participants. Current membership in the OVTAA is required.

Program Eligibility

  • Current OVTAA member in good standing. For this inaugural program, participation is limited to persons who currently hold a leadership role within their organization.
  • Practice owner or direct leadership support is required to enter the program.
  • Commitment to participation and attendance during the 6 month program. A lot of time and resources have been used to provide this educational program free of charge to all participants. It is vital that you are able to attend each in person session and have a willingness to participate in group discussions. If you know you have pre-planned vacations or other commitments during the listed program dates, please refrain from applying this year.
  • By signing up for this program, you acknowledge that sponsors will gain access to your email contact information.

Key Program Benefits

  • Grow your network with like-minded professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
  • Learn to balance work-life dynamics, improving personal well-being and professional efficiency.
  • Cultivate a well-rounded leadership style, balancing both empathy and assertiveness.
  • Master effective communication and conflict resolution, enhancing your ability to lead with clarity and empathy.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion principles, enriching your practice with broader perspectives and improved client relations.
  • Gain expertise in inventory and financial management, optimizing your practice’s operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Cultivate a positive workplace culture, fostering a supportive and resilient team environment.
  • Strengthen recruitment and retention strategies, ensuring your practice attracts and maintains top talent.

Module Overview

There will be 6 in-person modules (5 hours each) and modules will be held monthly on Wednesdays from 9am-2pm.
Format will vary by module. Most will be held at the PVMA office located in SW Portland. Full program details will be provided as soon as it is finalized.

Topics that will be covered

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Equity Diversity Inclusion in Vet Med
  • Inventory Management with Nicole Clausen
  • Financial Management
  • Workplace Culture / Wellness
  • Recruitment & Retention

Program Schedule

  • January 17th – Module 9am-2pm
  • February 21st – Module 9am-2pm
  • March 20th – Module 9am-2pm
  • April 17th – Module 9am-2pm
  • May 15th – Module 9am-2pm
  • June 19th – Module 9am-2pm

Application Process

While we do call it an application, it really is meant to be a point of engagement and a way for us to get to know everyone, as we do tailor the program to better fit participants.

Step 1

Review Program Information

Step 2

Prepare resume, to be emailed to: VITAL.ovtaa@gmail.com

Step 3

Complete application and email resume

Application period  for the January- June 2024 program has CLOSED

Meet our Facilitators:

Daniel Rost, CVT
OVTAA Board Director- Membership
Daniel started in veterinary medicine in 2008 working as a veterinary assistant for Cat Adoption Team. He then transitioned to the Oregon Humane Society in 2010 where he held numerous roles including serving on the shelter medicine leadership team, over seeing the foster department, and pioneering a new role as the Humane Law Enforcement forensic veterinary technician. In 2015, Daniel passed the VTNE and became a licensed technician.
After 8 years at O.H.S. Daniel went on to work in wildlife rehabilitation and is currently working for Buckman Veterinary Clinic as a small animal certified veterinary technician.
Daniel currently volunteers as a foster home for differently abled and neonatal animals through several local rescues. Daniel has a passion for reptiles and amphibians and currently cares for chameleons, tortoises, frogs, and geckos. He also shares his home with his husband and child, two French bulldogs, a cavalier King Charles, and a Persian cat.
Gabe Sasse, CVPM
OVTAA Board Recording Secretary
Your typical “crazy horse girl” who grew up in Wisconsin, I really went for it and obtain a BS in Equine Business Management and Western Equine Studies from the University of Findlay in Ohio. My kindergarten self would be disappointed we didn’t go to vet school, but I fell into veterinary medicine through assisting my own horses’ vet for the summer. I then continued down the rabbit hole into companion animal medicine when we moved to Oregon in 2015. I have been working at Bethany Family Pet Clinic since October of 2015 where I started as a CCR, Lead CCR, and now as a Practice Manager since 2021. I’ve really enjoyed being able to see all parts that vet med has to offer, and want to be able to give back to that community that has been so patient and kind with my questions and own animals’ care, and helping me to answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up”. I want to not only draw people into this industry, but keep them here. I love hiking and backpacking with my husband and rescue mutt, Leopold, and snuggling our two cats.