Wellness Days at Discover Balance

Wellness Days at Discover Balance

Since the summer of 2021, the PVMA has had the pleasure of hosting Wellness Days in partnership with Discover Balance Wellness center in Vancouver. These events are an opportunity for members of the veterinary profession to receive complimentary spa and wellness services and enjoy a well-deserved day of self-care with colleagues. A variety of services are provided including acupuncture, mineral bath, float tank, sauna, reiki, chair massage, yoga, and more! The practitioners providing the services donate their time and talents, and participants have responded with gratitude for the tender loving care they receive. Here’s what recent participants are saying about Wellness Days:


“Thank you to all the wonderful people of Discover Balance for putting these Wellness Days on for the vet profession! We are all so thankful for the reminders to love ourselves as much as we love our patients.”


“ Thank you to Discover Balance for thinking about the vet profession. We appreciate the encouragement to take some time for self-care.”


“We are so grateful to have this opportunity to…. relax! Thank you for increasing the good vibes in our profession and beyond.”


Wellness Days are ongoing and we look forward to welcoming more participants in the months to come. For more information about participating in Wellness Days, contact the PVMA office at 503- 228-7387.





Wellness Days are held in partnership with Discover Balance Wellness Center

and supported by Trupanion.